Our Philosophy

Fabrics, colors, details, it's the start and focus of every single piece at Wabi. Our mission is to create and develop products for everyday that are:
- Beautifully design
- Easy to use
- Made to last
Wabi's philosophy is to be part of the small pleasures of your daily life, to be part of your kitchen, your house, your adventures. We want our products to live with you, they'll get older and dirtier but hopefully you'll love them even more.
We want you to know everything about Wabi, from the fabrics carefully selected in Spain, to the rubbers and threads sourced in France and our labels from the UK. Our production is made in Paris. 
Designed in Paris - but also made in Paris!
Behind Wabi, it's me Charlotte. And before that, I've spent 10 years in fashion at Carven, Kitsuné and Amour Vert.
5 years spent in San Francisco made me see things differently, craving for freedom for this new life in Paris and be able to offer a brand that would be mine.